3 Little Steps To Let Go Of Balance


Forget balance and get aligned with what feels good and right to your soul.

For most of my life I have been one of those powerful women types that could do it all, be it all, and have it all.  I thought I could balance and manage everything but what I didn’t yet know was life was not a game of balance to be won when we finally get an even scale.

When people come to me looking for balance I loving let them know they will never find it because it’s really not something to be found.  They find themselves on this spinning cycle of stress and overwhelmed with life, to dos, and multi-tasks confused about which one to pick up next.

Have you ever seen one of those pictures of a mom with octopus arms juggling everything under the sun including the kitchen sink—with a smile on her face?  Yeah, she doesn’t really exist—unless she’s a juggler of course and even then she’s bound to drop something at some point.

If you don’t want to be a juggler you really must let go of the concept that you have to do it all and be it all in order to be the perfect women, wife, or mother and grab onto what feels good and right and in full alignment with your soul.

Being a juggler creates a hidden desire for perfection and does nothing but set you up for failure.  Even jugglers know they cannot keep everything up in the air and gravity will begin to take over as things get too heavy.

Sexy Souls know why they are here, what they value most, and what brings them great joy.  They only do the things that make them feel good and serve their purpose here.  Sexy Souls are always rewarded by the Universe for owning the truths they tell themselves.

So many women are living as a slave to their life—a victim to their circumstances never allowing themselves to be taken care of.  And forget having fun, because there’s no time, no money, and no energy left after holding up all the things that they think are their responsibilities and things they think they “should” do. 

Who wants a pissed off wife or mom who hates doing laundry or cleaning toilets if that’s not what she’s here to do?  Holding onto resent because you “should” do it all is not living.  Use your time instead to play with your kids or rub up against your husband with long hot kisses that bring you closer to where you all began.

Here are 3 steps to get you started:

1. Pay attention.  Notice your emotions when you’re doing the tasks around your life and ask, “Is this bringing me up to where I want to be or is it bringing me down?”

2. Make Piles.  Departmentalize the tasks as if you were de-cluttering your home.  Place them in 3 piles, “Keep”, “Okay for now”, and “Outsource”.

3. Plan.  The “Okay for now pile” will be fine for the time being.  Decide it’s good enough for now but you will move it to “Outsource” at a later date. Take everything on your outsource list and begin to look for ways to let them go.  You will then decide if you need to delegate the task, hire someone to do the task, or get rid of the task altogether in your life.

When I started to catch myself being pissed off about doing laundry and yelling at my kids I knew I had to dig deeper because yelling at my kids was not so sexy.  I asked myself why it pissed me off and what it was keeping me from, and what I uncovered was that I wanted to spend more quality time with my kids rather than doing the stinkin laundry.  I didn’t know anyone who didn’t do their own laundry but I got quiet and asked, “Who could do my laundry?” and the answer came.  I hired my babysitter for the same rate. 

Sure, I’m giving up money but I’m gifting myself and my kids loving time together, which is in complete alignment with who I am.  I’m also gifting my babysitter who loves doing things for others and earning a little cash.

That is Love.

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