Body Confidence: Why Every Woman Should Be 'All About That Bass'


Be proud of your body—no matter what the scale says.

No recent tune has our feet tapping, our smiles widening and our confidence soaring like Meghan Trainer's hit, "All About That Bass." The lyrics resonate will anyone who has eaten in shame or hid under the pretense that in order to be sexy, you must resemble a stick. Meghan is responding to a culture that teaches woman that it is better to appear starving than well fed. Women everywhere are cowering to the monsters of self-deprecation and unrealistic expectations. Average is now the enemy, but who is to blame? We are.

Every time a fit friend feigns feeling fat to a room full of insecure girls, an innocent bystander loses an ounce of confidence. We shower each other in compliments for slimming down instead of our real successes and Meghan has had her fill of it. As she shouts, "You know I won't be no stick figure silicone Barbie doll," we should stand up and join her.

Instead of complimenting (or resenting) your friend's slim down, seek out the root of her intentions and see through to her inside. When I morphed myself into a sickly stick figure, it is the remembered compliments and not the disapproving insults that disgust me now. The difference between healthy and skinny is as vast and misunderstood as the intentions of your closest frenemy. No ill-sized prom dress, wedding dress or perfect fit is worth the sacrifice of your health

Perhaps by stripping away our weight obsessions we can finally see through to what matters. Next time you sing the words, "every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top," savor that message. Indulge in its simplicity—relish in your self-worth at every size. There is nothing better to be all about than that.