Is Tinder The Least Shallow Dating App On The Market?


Tinder, the most non-traditional traditional way to find a date.

Rumored as the hookup app, Tinder is often condemned as the superficial and empty calorie dating search option. But is it really? Sure, your decision to "match" with your potential person is based on a split second snapshot instead of the traditional bio/picture combo, but maybe Tinder users have the right idea. Here's why Tinder is the least superficial dating search option out there:

  1. You can't be a height-ist — Many women filter out their Match profiles so that the shorty's never show up on their page. My best bet is that Keith Urban wouldn't stand a chance of showing up on Nicole Kidman's daily matches. But on her Tinder, he would be a right swipe away from love.
  2. It is a gold-digger's nightmare — Traditionally, online daters enter their income category which can reel in the free loaders, gigilos and the gold diggers Kanye likes to rap about. On the flip side, men might shy away from contacting a woman whose salary surpasses his own. Tinder keeps it simple by keeping your bank accounts out of the equation.
  3. Deal breakers be damned — I'll admit it, cigarette smoking is my deal breaker and I designed my Match profile to filter out anyone who owns an ashtray. But what if the man of my dreams is currently a patch wearing, trying to quit dreamboat? We would have no chance of being matched up unless fate flashes him across my Tinder screen.

Tinder is the equivalent of catching a glimpse of another person and using our gut to direct us forward. Sound familiar? Our ancestors used this method at the bars and it worked! Perhaps we have made dating far too complicated and a simplistic dating app is just what we need. What do you think?

Is Tinder actually the best new — back to basics — dating app out there?

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