The Makings of a Great First Date

How can you tell if a first date is successful?

I have been bordering on bitter lately so last night's reprieve from my lackluster love life was a welcome change. After all, a good first date is an instant mood lifter even if it doesn't lead to anything more than a happy memory. I finally went out with the Dreamy Stranger previously alluded to and I would deem the date a success even if a second round never happens. (But keeping full disclosure....I am eagerly hoping for that second date.)

Here's Why:

1. We strayed from the script - Dinner lasted over three hours and hardly felt like any time at all because we were talking....and really talking - not taking turns asking questions and answers from the all too common first date interview. In fact, I do not recall any mention of the basics (work, daily routine, relationship history etc.) and instead we talked like old friends. It wasn't until the restaurant began officially closing that it dawned on me how long we had been there and how fun getting to know someone is supposed to be.

2. Our exes didn't join us for dinner - Lately some of my first dates have felt more like therapy sessions and at best I ended up either feeling sorry for the ex- girlfriend in question or rooting for a reconciliation. The dreamy stranger and I didn't have time to pine over our romantic history because we were too busy getting to know each other, which really is the point isn't it?

 3. I received that follow up text - As you probably know by now, I am not a texting fan. But - I do believe in the after date text confirming that a good time was had by all. And if your butterflies start swooning at the receipt of the message, even better.

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