Don't Take Your Selfie Too Seriously


Selfies are taking over. Have you fallen victim yet?

The attack of the selfie is everywhere.  Social Media, family sitcoms and commercials have jumped on the self-indulgent bandwagon — heck there is even a hit song out there that features  the following lyrical prose:

“I only got 10 likes in the last 5 minutes
Do you think I should take it down?
Let me take another selfie.”

I wonder the exact reduction of society’s collective IQ since the birth of this particular phenomenon.  I certainly like a whole lot of people less than I did before it became socially acceptable to broadcast your face on life’s viral billboard. Don’t you?  And yet, the attack of the selfie has become the fixture of a fascinating debate. Psychologist, Pamela Rutledge, details in her column the merits of the selfie and questions the artistic implications of these seemingly self-loving photos.

Experts claim it’s about time we express ourselves, others shrug selfies off as a pure form of fun. While I can’t argue that it must be a real hoot to extend your arm, pucker up and post like crazy, being on the receiving end just ain't that funny.

Case in point — the gym selfie — the ultimate in vain self-importance. It is questionable enough to take time out of your workout to post a cheesy weight holding pic but to hashtag with a message of motivation is crossing the line. How many people do you know can boast, “I was mid deep in a bag of Doritos when I caught a glimpse of Sallie’s latest elliptical selfie. I threw down my salty snack and booked it to Cross Fit pronto. # Motivation # Thanks Sallie.”  Unless you are a certified personal trainer, please keep the details of your sweat session to yourself. 

And then there are the shots that display some sort of accessory or clothing item (amidst the typical smug selfie smirk) chosen to showcase the model’s keen fashion sense. If we are lucky, a hashtag will follow detailing where to find said piece so that we can high tail it to the mall for our own fashion shoot.  I suppose we can call all toss our Vogue subscriptions now, right?

Admittedly, the selfie craze is here to stay so if you must let the world know what you look like while sitting in your car or standing in front of the mirror – by all means, grace us with your presence. But please stop pretending that your display of self-affection is inspiring the rest of us to do anything other than avoid social media and fall deeper into our selfie revulsion. # Don’t take your selfie too seriously.