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3 Reasons Divorced Men Make Better Boyfriends

Dating after divorce: why divorced men make better boyfriends

3. He is open to commitment. I have dated my fair share of eligible bachelors over the last year who ran at the teensiest sign of commitment. My latest mishap, Mr. Smooth (detailed further in my blog), got antsy committing to a Saturday night so I venture to guess settling down for the rest of his life is a bit out of the question. Needless to say, our courtship was short-lived but the fear of meeting man after man who is sewing his oats throughout his thirties stayed with me. A divorced man is at his core, most likely open to marriage and commitment which is vital for a healthy and happy relationship.                                                                                                                                              

Final Disclaimer: I urge all you single ladies out there to give divorced men a chance. After all, their experiences may enhance your own relationship. However, proceed with caution if the divorce is fairly recent. A meaningful relationship with a man who has learned from his mistakes is one thing, serving as someone’s rebound from a hurtful experience is quite another.

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