Dating Apps: Are You Tinder-Savvy?

Dating: How To Date Using Tinder & Dating Apps
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The do's and don'ts of the latest dating craze will help you navigate the crazy waters of Tinder.

Tinder is a nifty new dating app that allows users to inspect a few pictures of a potential match, in order to make a snap judgment on compatibility within a chosen physical proximity—in other words, you get to judge a book by its cover by answering yes or no. A no will throw your match back into the dating abyss. If both daters click yes, a chat room opens up... and this is where things get interesting. Tinder is addicting, amusing and, well, a haven for creepy exchanges. Read on to learn how to stay cool and Tinder responsibly. 

Do Stay Safe
Remember: These are strangers and your information is sparse. No matter how sweet Mr. Dating App may sound, do not give up your address too soon. Having let down a classy gentleman myself in the name of limited information, I was told that he planned to "Tinderize me" (whatever that means), which would have been terrifying had he known my exact location.

Don't Take It Personally
At first, I was elated each time a fellow match clicked yes, only to wonder why he then insisted on staying silent, even ignoring my causal "hey" in our personal chat room. And this kept happening! Devastated, I called a male friend and fellow Tinderer, to which he replied, "Get a grip. It's an ego thing; not a romance thing." If you are looking for fun and amusement coupled with the slight possibility of meeting someone, Tinder on. If you are looking to meet the man of your dreams today, consider other options.

Do Select Your Pictures Wisely
Keeping my prior disclaimer in mind, Tinder might, just might, be the vehicle in which you meet your Mr. Right. That being said, avoid choosing pictures that do not capture the best version of you. Examples: Angry selfies, provocative and/or intoxicated photos, group shots, gym selfies, selfies in general.

Don't Post Couples Shots
Seriously? This is much more common than common sense should allow. Sure, that beautiful blonde on your shoulder might be your sister, but I'm not taking the chance that you might be a swinger, a cheater or a guy who takes couples pictures with his sister.

Do Have Fun
Once I realized that rejection from Tinder is not personal, it became entertaining. A bonus feature is that the app links to your Facebook friends so you might find yourself reunited with old friends (and yes, exes too... so proceed with caution.)

Like all dating, Tinder is the most effective (and the most fun) when you approach it with an open mind and a sense of adventure and light-heartedness. C'mon, live a little!

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