Why It's Better To Be Single During The Holidays

Why It's Better To Be Single During The Holidays [EXPERT]
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Plus: three strategies for singles to enjoy the holiday season!

The most couple-friendly time of year is upon us and so it is easy to fall victim to your inner Scrooge if you are single. Even the mall is seemingly no longer for all of us — couples strolling hand in hand, families taking their young children to see Santa and beaming newlyweds searching for the perfect gift. It is almost enough to make me want to stay inside for the entire month of December, watching reruns of Sex and the City with a pint of ice cream.

In reality, however, the holiday season is for everyone and flying solo is no reason to leave yourself out of it. With that in mind, here are three strategies to enjoy the season:

1. Spend selfishly. Remember that expensive electronic gift you bought your boyfriend last year? Relish in this year's money saved and then go out and buy yourself the new perfume or sweater or whatever you have been secretly admiring for months.

2. Love your loved ones. Sounds simple doesn't it? It is easy to forget that our friends, family members, coworkers, favorite Starbucks' barista and anyone else that brings us happiness all year deserves the same attention during the holidays that a significant other would assumingly receive. 'Tis the season for sappy Hallmark cards and tokens of affection for whoever deserves your love, single or otherwise.

3. The grass is always greener. Fantasizing about kissing under the mistletoe at this year's Christmas party? Desperate for a date on New Year's Eve? Do not forget the year you fought with your ex all the way home from your work holiday party or the very common "whose family do we spend the holidays with" argument that takes over many  happy households.

Do not wish the season away hoping for a different circumstance. Instead, enjoy the perks of your freedom. Take this month to savor the special people in your life … including yourself. Perhaps this is the perfect season to be single after all.

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