10 Clear Indicators That Your Parents Are EXTREMELY Overcontrolling

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Are your parents still trying to run your life?

Once children grow up, their parents let them live their own lives…or so one would think. In reality, there are many adult children who are fed up with their parents still trying to run their lives.

So, how do you know if your parents are too involved in your life and it’s time to confront them, ask for change, and set up some boundaries?

Here are 10 indicators that your parents are overcontrolling:

1. They feel the need to micromanage everything in your life.
2. They push you toward the career path that they want -- versus allowing you to pursue your own dreams. 
3. They critique or criticize everything you do. 
4. They never allow you to have your own opinions on things or make your own mistakes in life.
5. They see you as an extension of themselves and not as a separate person.
6. They feel that they have a right to dictate everything about your life.
7. They think that they are always “right” about how you should live your life.
8. They know what’s best for you, and you are neither to argue nor disagree with them.
9. They infringe on your privacy by showing up unannounced or snooping through your things.
10. They have an opinion about whom you date, how you dress, what you eat, and what you do with your free time.

Parents who helped you manage your life was OK when you were 5, or even 15, but not when you’re 35!

If they're still trying to micromanage you, tensions will arise because you instinctively know that you should be allowed to live your life as you please. You just want your parents' support and encouragement along the way!

Parents who are overcontrolling are having trouble letting go.

Help them let go by setting up rules and boundaries. Clearly communicate to them how you want them to treat you. Tell them how you want them to show you respect as an adult who can make your own decisions.

Stay firm in your commitment to the boundaries you set, and in time, your parents will loosen their grip and trust that you have grown up to be an adult who can manage your own life! 

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