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About Jill Lauri

Out-of-the-Box Thinking is my strength. I use creative, holistic and innovative strategies to help you move out of your Head and into your Heart. For it is here that you can begin to remember who you truly are and create the life that you were born to live.

With a unique combination of skills and education (MSW from Hunter College School of Social Work and MBA from Columbia Business School), I offer an integrated approach. My business background allows me to understand stressors related to managing a career. Experience as a Psychotherapist helps me to pick up on subtleties and get to the root of what is getting in the way. Coach training has provided me with effective tools that open the doors to change. We can work together either in person or over the phone. In addition to individual, couple, family and corporate coaching, I also facilitate seminars,employee orientations, supervisory trainings, wellness workshops, trauma debriefings and spiritual coaching groups.

The ingredient that ignites the whole change process is  Spirituality. Through my own practices and training, I have learned how to infuse Spirituality to facilitate healing and attract new opportunities. Authenticity is one of my core values and I actively use Spiritual techniques in my own life to create experiences of joy and abundance.

I recognize and value all types of relationships including those with Our Selves, Spirit, Other People, Animal Companions and Nature. Each of these can be incredibly significant and meaningful. As heart wrenching as it may be, a loss in any one of these connections can be the catalyst for tremendous healing. Most important is what the relationship and the loss mean to you. That is my starting point when I work with you in the throes of grief.

With compassion, I look for growth possibilities in life’s most difficult situations. My belief is that we are presented with life challenges, so that we can master the lessons that we came here to learn. I will help you understand your journey, so that you have the opportunity to move through even the most painful of experiences with grace, hope and gratitude.