Dating During COVID-19! Help, What Do I Do?

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“Lockdown” has been difficult for many, and for most singles who live by themselves, downright lonely. It’s one of those “in your face” times where it can be painfully obvious HOW single one is.

For those forced to stay at home, many have taken to online dating, more than ever before. There has been a surge in messaging between singles on dating sites and apps all over the world.

Singles are looking for that special someone who would be there to support them. Someone who has their back. Someone with whom to hunker down, problem solve, laugh, play and be creative. It makes sense for those not working, as they have more time on their hands, and many have done some deep soul searching and prioritizing during this “break”.

Now is the perfect time to meet someone special.

Think about it. You can use an online dating app or website like to meet several candidates.  When you would normally be ready to meet for an in-person date, PIVOT! Yes, you flow like a river and do something creative to get to know each other instead of meeting for drinks after work. 

Video date!

Imagine sitting in front of your computer or phone, sharing your hopes, fears, dreams, loves, and just spending time together. You can get to know someone really well via video chatting, and the relationship can be a source of great support and love when you could be feeling quite isolated. Not being able to physically touch each other, you can focus more on a deep connection, as the physical part isn’t there to distract so much. Yes, there can still be intimacy, even sexual intimacy, however, without being able to physically touch each other, video dating is conducive to sharing and learning about each other, rather than hooking up for a sexual encounter.

Screening potential partners via video dating is actually very efficient! You can sit at home with sweat pants and a nice top while you chat sipping tea, coffee, or an adult beverage. You get to hear their voice, see their mannerisms and feel their energy. You can schedule several video dates throughout the day and pretend you are the bachelorette or bachelor. Have fun with the whole thing and keep your attitude positive. If you know someone is not a match, gracefully bow out. The best thing to do is be honest, yet kind. For example, “Well, we looked good on paper, however, I don’t feel that we are a match, so I’m going to bid you well, so we can both move on. I wish you the best in your search.”

Be open to making friends, business contacts and/or matchmaking for your single friends along the way. You never know who you are going to meet, and what they might have for you, or you for them.

Use Zoom, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp, BlueJeans or another video conferencing app to get to know your date/s.

NOTE: it’s also possible to meet in person in some more remote, rural locations, just be sure to follow the COVID 19 protocols in your specific area. 

For some, video dating can feel a bit unnatural at first, however if you focus on the "connection" with the person, any discomfort you may have, will melt away. Don’t worry so much about how you look and sound, just be yourself and thoroughly in-joy the person you are dating in that moment.

Video Dating Ideas:

  • Share a glass wine (or sparkling water) and ask each other interesting, thought provoking questions
  • Play online games like scrabble, chess or strip poker
  • Meditate together
  • Cook the same meal (or a different meal) at the same time
  • Watch a movie together (*Use to synchronize playback and use a group chat)
  • Have a dance party for two
  • Do the same workout together and challenge and inspire each other
  • Be sexually intimate-get creative (*just be careful not to reveal too much online, as you never know where screenshot photos or videos might turn up in the future)

Once the COVID-19 virus has run its course, and the social distancing guidelines have been lifted, meet in person! How exciting will that be? You’ve been talking and sharing with someone online for a few weeks (or possibly months), and then you get to meet in person! What a fun adventure. This may mean traveling across the city, or across the world… either way, you will have already created a wonderful foundation to launch your in-person relationship.

Have fun and be safe. 

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