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We all have a genius. If we discover it we are either very lucky or we worked really hard to find it. Sometimes our genius is hidden by circumstances, the family or country we were born into, or our physical or mental health. Through out our life we may see glimpses of it, and realize we were meant for more. Your genius may appear early in life but more likely it unfolds during adulthood. I believe one of life's tragedies is living without discovering what you are made to do, who your are made to be, where your greatness lies. Never stop looking and listening, it's out there.

About Jill Kimball

I'm one of the lucky ones. I work hard and as the saying goes, the harder I work the luckier I get! I found my genius and it is understanding the human condition and walking with those on their path to healing and wholeness. I bring this to my work as a licensed therapist, writer and speaker. I work with all ages of individuals as they travel their own individual path of healing.

I felt lost and broken as a child. I struggled with my mother's mental illness and my father's alcoholism. I had a facial birth defect that made me feel different from others. Through out it all there was a spark inside of me. I remember being a rascal, a little fighter and a lover. I was brave, I tried everything and had several fails but it didn't stop me. I was depressed as a teen, an experience that would continue to revisit me through out my life. I was the know-it-all freshman who thought it was better to have an apartment with my boyfriend over a college education. I worked in a factory, and an art gallery and the YMCA, trying to find my place. It wasn't until I was volunteering on the playground of the Seattle Housing projects when I woke up. The kids I saw were hurting, I felt their angst; it was bigger than mine and I didn't know how to help. I needed an education.

I  started with community college. I didn't know what social work was but I knew I wanted to help others. I was happily naive enough to imagine making the world a better place. Social work was the perfect fit for me! It wasn't an easy path, I had already accomplished being a certified fitness instructor, licensed insurance agent, and trained to work in the travel industry. I felt unqualified to be a college student until my passion for helping others took over, and as they say, the rest is history. I graduated from University of Washington with my Bachelors in Social Work and then from Florida State University with my Masters in Social Work.

My genius was blooming, I thrived learning the skills it took to help others. I discovered my naivete was actually hope. My confidence grew enough to create my life plan! I set my plan into place: finish graduate school, begin my social work career, have two children-two years apart, work helping the public sector for ten years and then work in the private sector for ten years and then, finally become a writer. Some of it fell into place easily, some parts didn't, and still other parts lead to tears and life lessons in patience and help from others. I was blessed with two wonderful and unique children, who are adults of their own. I served the public early in my career and I have worked in private practice for 20 yrs as a licensed therapist.

Throughout it all I have found that my worst days and difficult experiences were some of my most valuable lessons. They led me to understand how to grow in hard times, how to hold on to hope when times are dark and find a path towards the light. I learned how to be strong with those in pain and hold on to hope while they are discovering their own hope. I gain insight and strength through my own meditation and studies of Eastern philosophies. My daydreams, play and curiosity fuel my creativity which I bring to every situation. I believe I am working to make the world a better place one person at a time.

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