Wonder about Worry


How to rework worrying into creating your desires

"Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don't want." -- Abraham-Hicks

This is one of my most favorite quotes.  As a student of the Law of Attraction, it makes perfect sense to me, yet worry energy is quite dominant in our society and I sometimes find myself falling into old patterns and behaviors.

When I began my journey to become a Life Coach, one of the first concepts  Patty Jackson shared with me was the idea of wonder.  "Adopt a sense of wonder."  It is now one of the first ideas that I share with my clients and students.  Here's why.  Worry and excitement feel the same in our bodies.  The fluttery feeling in your stomach.  The anticipation of what's to come.  The jittery vibration that fidgets its way though our limbs.  When we feel that sensation in our bodies, we make a choice of how to label it.  We either call it anxiety/nervousness/worry/fear or we call it excitement/anticipation.

And because we're such good worriers, more often than not, we go with anxiety/nervousness/fear.  Not because it's more accurate, simply because it's what we decided more often in the past, so it has become our default interpretation.

This is where a sense of wonder can come in.  Wonder takes the worry out.  When we begin to feel that fluttery anticipation, we can stop and wonder, "huh, I wonder what that feeling is?"  In that moment, we have all the power to decide if that feeling is excitement or worry.

We can apply the sense of wonder to many situations.  If we are heading into a meeting that we are uncomfortable about - "Ooooh, I wonder how this meeting will turn out!"  The next step is to set your intention for your desired outcome.  "The meeting is going to be easy and fun, and the outcome will be for my greatest good."  The sense of wonder returns us to a mindset of personal power and safety.  It pulls us out of thinking like a victim and creating with worry, and gives us the perspective to take create something that feels better.

Worry is using our imagination to create something we don't want.  If we head into that meeting imagining every worst-case scenario, we've prepaved the way for that outcome.  We've set the expectation that it is going to be hard and unpleasant.

How about with our kids?  If our primary operating system with our kids is to worry about them, we are surrounding our parenting experience with anticipated hardship.

Next time you find yourself feeling that twinge of worry, I invite you to wonder about it.  Then use your powerful imagination to forecast how you want the situation to play out.  Label that feeling in your gut as excitement and anticipation rather than fear and anxiety.  We are powerful creators, and adopting a sense of wonder is a tool that realigns us with that power and allows us to use our imaginations to create what we want rather than using worry to create what we don't want.

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