Celebrating Success and Celebrating Learning


An Excerpt from I Love Me Mom - Chapter 3

One key mindset that can help you put your guilt-ridden experience behind you is to explore the idea that there are no mistakes. Everything we do creates an opportunity for  learning, and one of our main objectives — if not the only objective — here on earth is to learn. Every experience creates one of two outcomes: an opportunity to celebrate or an opportunity to learn (which, in my opinion, is also cause for celebration).

When we begin to see our decisions from the viewpoint of celebration and learning,
we remove the need for guilt and regret. There is no cause for regret because we got exactly what we were supposed to get from the situation. It either played out in the way we had intended, or it provided the opportunity to think some more about it. Why did it work out the way it did? What can we learn from the situation? This extra thinking provides new information and insights that we can use to create our next experience.

Looking back on your childhood, what would have been different if your parents had
encouraged you to view your decisions from a place of celebrating success and celebrating learning?

When we begin to see our children in their perfection, we allow their natural gifts
and innate knowledge to lead the way. We help them to stay in alignment with their natural self-love, so they make decisions in their own best interests. All of their experiences can be seen as celebrations and opportunities for growth. How do we do this? We reclaim the natural self-love, innocence, and curiosity we had as children.

The reality is that the only person I truly control is me. I can interact with my children in ways that I feel will make a difference to them, but at the end of the day, the only behavior I truly control is my own. The more I focus on developing my insights and
understandings, the more I allow my kids to joyfully learn and expand. I take on the responsibility for parenting myself and continuing my journey as a learner. I look at all situations as an opportunity to experiment and grow.

Because I do this for myself, I teach my children how easy, fun, and exciting life is. I
show them I can handle anything that comes my way and that I can learn from it and
then create whatever I want to experience next.


Expert from: I Love Me Mom - A Guilt-Free Guide to Honoring Yourself and Empowering Your Kids.  Book and e-book are available for purchase on Amazon.com or at www.ilovememom.com

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