Are You Misinterpreting His Feelings?


The three most important things to know about loving your guy

3. I could take the lead sometimes. I remember thinking that whoever I was with was not only less emotional but somehow smarter or more together than I was. I assumed that the logical male mind meant that all men had a plan and any proposal that I came up with would only be secondary to theirs. It wasn't until dating around in my early twenties that I realized there were a good deal of men that were (and I say this lovingly), clueless. And sometimes guys just want you to take charge and tell them what you want instead of always having the responsibility of doing the planning. It doesn't matter if we are talking dinner plans or financial plans. Men don't have all the answers. Assuming they did always made me upset when they didn't fully take charge, because I assumed it was due to lack of interest in me. Now I know, some guys just need direction on things. In fact, most of the good ones, want your direction at least half the time.

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This article was originally published at Jess McCann. Reprinted with permission from the author.