Communication Problems

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1-3 years


Marysville WA 98270-0796 - United States


Church, CPC

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Rabbi/Clergy/Pastoral Counseling

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All areas, please inquire

I Believe

Life on this planet is an opportunity to express Divinity! We CHOOSE the scenes, we Play the roles, we USE our body, mind and emotions as the props. Let's PLAY!


Through my own personal life experiences and the opportunity to walk closely with others through their most painful experiences, I embarked at a very early age on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. I have dedicated my life to the service of others. From a very young age, I focused my efforts on helping others find their way through their darkest hours. At the tender age of 15, I was stricken with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis – a debilitating and painful disease. I pleaded with God to remove my pain or take my life. I bargained,” I cannot promise I will always be good, but I promise I will always do good.” Two years later, violent crime impacted my family and I was given a path to fulfill that promise. As a crime victim advocate for more than 30 years, a former state senator and a former governor-appointed parole board chairperson, I have kept that promise – I have helped thousands of people find their voice, speak their truth, find the gifts from their trauma, and shine their light in the world. In addition to my formal education, grief and trauma work, and non-profit and public sector leadership experience; my training includes: Neuro-linguistic programming, Non-Violent Communication, Socratic Questioning, Experiential Learning Processes, Group Facilitation, Energy Medicine, Universal Laws, Spiritual Psychology, Angelic Guidance and Shamanism. As a certified professional life coach, spiritual life coach, a gifted intuitive and an energy medicine practitioner, I focus on guiding my clients to reconnect with their inner guidance, identify their life mission, and free themselves of limiting emotions, beliefs and behaviors. I guide, coach and support individuals, couples, families and groups to: shift consciousness, clear blocks and trapped emotions, improve communication and interpersonal relationships and find confidence in themselves through tapping into their inner guidance and mastering the laws of the Universe.