In Relationships, Does "Normal" Exist?

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Jenny Block's girlfriend got upset after seeing "normal" friends on Facebook. But does normal exist?

What we can know, however, is ourselves and our own lives and the lives of those whom we choose to love. What we can know is that what we are doing is working for us, and that without other people's definitions of how things "should" be, we're doin' just fine. What we can know is that it's ok to want as long as that wanting comes from within. We all have a right to want what we want, not what the world tells us we should want. How much happier we might all be if we looked to ourselves for guidance on how to live and love instead of to "chick flicks" and the psychobabble of daytime TV.

My girlfriend was fine once we talked it out and got to the root of what she was feeling and the realty of what she was seeing. But I have no doubt that this will happen again. Next time it might happen to my husband or my mom or even me. But it will happen again. Conventions can be a dangerous things, because when it comes to love and sex and marriage and relationships, there is no one size that fits all.