A Detox Cleanse Can Also Serve For Emotional Balance


In 7 days a proper detox can help your mind, spirit and body. Learn how to energize your body.

My mentor, Dr. Deanna Minich, and my fellow Food and Spirit Practitioners are hosting a 7-Day Whole Detox event starting July 27th. It will focus specifically on increasing energy and mental clarity. This week long detox is a part of an entire Whole Detox series that spans the year with different focused events. To learn more about the Whole Detox series, please click HERE.

I know what you are thinking. What exactly is "Whole Detox" and why is this detox different that the mass produced detoxes I see from MLM and Direct Sales companies?

When you think of a detox program, one of the first things you think of is probably an elimination diet, or foods you will have to avoid. Or maybe you think of drinking lemon juice and fasting. You might also connect the detox dots to taking supplements to help your liver or your gut work better to get rid of toxins. Of course, all of these examples are ways that detox has been done and done with little result. 

However, Whole Detox™ is a full-spectrum approach to removing all toxic barriers to your health—not just the food ones. We start with what you eat by giving you a list of foods to select from that are non-allergenic, non-sensitizing kinds of foods for most people. You can select the omnivore or the vegetarian track of menus and recipes. Within the recipes, we intentionally incorporate lots of colorful, whole foods rich in phytonutrients. We do not use any supplements as part of the program, as we believe your practitioner would be best to work with you on those items specifically.

So, unlike most detox programs, we don’t just emphasize what you need to remove and avoid, but make sure you bring in the foods that help you thrive and be nourished!

In addition to food, we look at the other toxic barriers—stuck emotions, unsupportive relationships, negative thoughts, lack of movement and flow. Inability to speak one’s truth, poor sleep and brain fog, and feeling disconnected and depressed.

To address these toxic barriers, we bring in other modalities separate from food—like an emotion log to help you track emotions, activities to re-pattern your thoughts, gentle movement, inspiring affirmations, guided visualizations, and suggestions for meditation. It’s a full-service menu of options to address your personal toxins, whatever they may be! Some people have done many food detoxes, but they haven’t connected their food with the larger picture of their lifestyle: their emotions, thoughts, relationships, and how they move, speak, and connect in the world.

Whole Detox™ looks through the larger lens of YOU to make the detox experience personalized so you are optimal and healthy in every way!

More about the 1-Week Whole Detox Program for Energy & Mental Clarity Starting July 27, 2015:

This is great, BIG, and huge! Your life will never be the same again … and it will all come from the power of "small." That’s right. 
Do you remember that phrase, "Small things come in good packages?" Maybe there is something to it. 

We may feel like we have to do it all, and not just do it all, but do it perfectly. The pressure increases, the expectations feel like mighty weights upon our shoulders, the burden appears to never melt away. So, what if we focused on moving towards little things in our life that have great impact?

Contact me for more information on the detox, and I’ll see you there! 

This article was originally published at My Blog (Shine Total Health). Reprinted with permission from the author.