The Dos And Don'ts Of Engagement Ring Shopping

Wedding Advice: Engagement Ring Shopping

Think you're ready to pop the question? Find the perfect sparkler with these tips.

What should the groom do if the best man loses the rings on the day of the wedding?

MJ: It's rare, but it does indeed happen! I remember one frantic phone call I got from a client the day of his wedding. His bride was getting prepared with the bridesmaids and the groom texted me that there was an emergency. The wedding bands were missing.

Fortunately, he was getting married at the St. Regis Hotel here in Manhattan, which is near my office. I jumped in the car and raced to my store. I grabbed two plain bands out of my vault to loan him for the ceremony. I'm so glad I had their finger sizes on file! I dashed uptown to meet in him in the lobby of the hotel to give him the replacement rings for the ceremony. The bride never knew this happened, even though the ring I had loaned them was a completely different style from what she had chosen. It was a happy ending.

They left the following day for their honeymoon. The husband and wife called to say they had found the rings packed in their luggage! I offered to send FedEx to their resort to pick up my loaner rings, but they decided they had history with them now. He bought the two rings and they remain framed with their wedding picture in their home.

Make sure your fiancé has the jeweler's phone number in his phone contacts so you can call your jeweler if you get stuck in a similar precarious situation on your wedding day.

Top Tips To Hire The Right Jeweler

Finding a jeweler that you click with is never easy. Vet whomever you are considering before working with her or him. There is a saying: If you don't know your jewelry, know your jeweler. Definitely sage advice!

1. Introduce yourself by email. If a jeweler doesn't have the time to take email queries seriously, how seriously will they take your business?

2. Ask around. Everybody has worked with a jeweler in some capacity. Look at some of your girlfriend's rings that catch your eye. If they look important enough to catch your attention, they are probably from a good jeweler. Ask.

3. Stay awa from online stores for important pieces. Purchasing fine jewelry is an emotional, sensuous and important decision. Glitzy websites with pretty photos are just that. You need to physically see and hold a piece to be sure it is right for you. Would you buy a fragrance without smelling it? The family jeweler is like the family dentist or doctor: When you find one you like, you stick with her forever.

Photo credit: G.Jezarian Purveyor of Fine Jewelry