Hiring A Photographer: Tips For A Picture Perfect Wedding Day

Tips For A Picture Perfect Wedding Day

What do you look for in a professional photographer? Our expert shares her secrets.

What about pictures from guests who have Smartphones?

CM: Guests love to capture the day as much as photographers do, but posting the most personal and cherished day of a couple's life with the world without their consent is not very polite.

Be sensitive to the fact that others who were not invited may be hurt when they see the images of the wedding or that your angle or Instagram edit may not be to the bride's liking.

The great news is there are wonderful weddings apps out there that all of the guests can log into and share images that stay private and that are only viewable by the couple and their guests who join the app for their specific wedding. [My] favorite app is called "The Wedding App." It is free and totally customized to the couple.

Also remember that family and guests are there to come together as a community to support the couple as they proclaim their vows to each other. The ceremony is the most sacred part of the entire wedding. Guests' full attention should be given to the couple and not to a camera or iPad that covers their faces and could possibly block the views of others. The bride and groom hired a professional photographer to capture those moments so guests can simply engage in the moment.

What should a marrying couple be sure to tell the photographer?

CM: Communication is very important for the photographer from day one. He or she will want to know all of the little details about how the couple met, what you do for fun, and, of course, the details of your wedding, down to family heirlooms that may be used and long missed family members who will be present so the photographer can be sure to give them special attention. [I] always ask [my] couples to complete a detailed questionnaire which asks about any delicate situations in order to avoid uncomfortable family photos due to divorces or other family circumstances.

Can a couple use the same person for both video and photography?

CM: [I] do not recommend having the same person provide both of these services. They are two completely different mediums of visual art that require full focus and attention to detail on the big day.

I recommend asking your photographer or videographer who he or she recommends because the relationship with the other vendor can be good or bad, depending on their style of shooting. If the photographer knows the videographer or vice versa, chances are, they know their work is good and they also know how to work together to choreograph the photography with the videography so you get the best of both.

How does a couple find a great photographer?

CM: Word of mouth, searches on the internet and wedding blogs are often obvious sources to find a photographer for your wedding. New York Magazine’s wedding guide has a wonderfully curated list of the most respected local vendors in New York, from shining up-and-comers to the most well-known photographers in the industry.

If you decide to hire a wedding planner, he or she will give you a list of trusted photographers that will suit your style and price range.

Once you find a photographer you are interested in, meet with him or her in person and be sure to review their work.

Ask questions including when you should expect to receive the images from your event after the wedding and whether all of the images will be edited or if your package will include just a select number of them. Others things to inquire about include how many hours the photographer will shoot for, whether travel outside of the city or your local area is included, and whether the photographer charges for the engagement session or not. Keep reading...