Hiring A Photographer: Tips For A Picture Perfect Wedding Day

Tips For A Picture Perfect Wedding Day

What do you look for in a professional photographer? Our expert shares her secrets.

Your wedding is an event of a lifetime — one that must be captured in the moment by an amazing photographer prepared to catch you and your soulmate in those dreamy romantic shots and candid photos. These photos will capture great memories of the day you took your vows to become a married couple.

Choosing a photographer to work with can be challenging for many couples. Unlike other vendors, a photographer is with you from the beginning of the day throughout each experience until the very end.

Photography is an art, after all, and selecting the right one for your wedding is an important part of your planning, whether your wedding is big or small, at home or at a destination far away.

I asked Chellise Michael of Chellise Michael Photography for some great tips about wedding photographers that every bride-to-be and newly engaged couple should know.

Why should a couple use a professional photographer?

Chellise Michael: A professional wedding photographer is familiar with the timeline of the day and has a trained awareness of and intuition about when key moments are about to happen. He or she knows how to capture these with speed and accuracy without being intrusive.

Wedding photography in particular is a combination of many styles: portraiture, fashion, photojournalism and small details and the specific styling of these. The photographer is able to handle difficult low light situations, which are very common in New York City with all of its majestic high ceilings and dark, candlelit rooms.

A professional can properly capture and light the scene without taking any of the ambiance away, thus producing images that the guests and couple would want to remember the night just as it was. Keep reading...

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