The 4 Things Long-Distance Relationships Need To Work


Long-distance relationships can be difficult. Learn the secrets for success and why they fail

The key here is consistent contact. We feel that relationships that include in-person physical contact monthly work best. Any longer than this and the distance may begin to drain the relationship. What works even better is to decide and agree on what the longest amount of time will be for you to be apart. It might be ten days or two weeks. The key is to agree as a team what is going to work for both of you.

There is also one additional aspect of physical relationships: scheduling and setting expectations. When you know when you're going to see each other again, there is a deeper commitment to the relationship because expectations of being together are fulfilled. When there are no dates set to see each other, doubts can be cast on true commitment to the relationship. The impact of distance on this dimension is critically high.

There is one more area in long distance relationships that we feel compelled to mention that support their ultimate success. In every relationship, finances play a role. In terms of a long-distance relationship, money must be considered as flying to visit one another so you can be together and grow together is a real factor for your overall success.

We suggest that you discuss financially how your long-distance relationship will be supported. If you don't, you just might find yourself stuck between your desire to be together and your dwindling dollars to support yourself and your relationship. A relationship with someone is where we tend to grow the most as people. We find out more about ourselves and each other as a result. We learn about life through sharing it with each other.

Relationships are also a responsibility. They come with commitments, expectations, emotions and experiences you can only have when you have the courage to engage in them. The bottomline on long-distance relationships: Plan to be with each other at regular intervals — the more often the better — with the intention of dissolving the distance permanently. Make sure financially you are well-positioned to support it.

We are certain that by following these simple strategies, you can find the man of your dreams and overcome the inherent challenges faced in a long distance relationship. It's your time to have it all!

This article was originally published at Boys Before Business. Reprinted with permission from the author.