How To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Makeup

How To Get Picture Perfect Wedding Makeup
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Look fresh-faced and flawless on your special day!

What happens if the bride is a "crier" and tends to cry a lot?

LJ: At the makeup trial, the makeup artist will write down all the products the bride will need to use to touch up her makeup for the rest of the day. You should make a plan with your makeup artist about what you will want to touch up. Most common are powder, blush, concealer and lips. All mascara and the eye shadow and eyeliner should be water resistant or waterproof.

You might cry during ceremony because you are so happy and emotions are high. You shouldn't hold back or hold it in.  It is important to feel the moment. Fold up your tissue so you can dab your eye area and absorb the tears without rubbing and taking off the makeup. That way you can hopefully get the tear before it rolls down your face. If it does roll down your face, you will have a line down your blush and foundation! You can fix this by blending the makeup with your finger in short strokes from your hairline to your nose, just right along the line the tear created.  You can hold the tissue with your bouquet so you can have it in your hand the entire time.

What happens if you get makeup on your wedding dress?

LJ: This has never happened to one of Lindsey's brides! Wedding planners usually have some crazy stain remover or makeup remover solution with them. Makeup artists may not carry this with them so you will probably need to look for the wedding planner, not the makeup artist.

What happens if people kiss you and leave lipstick marks on your cheeks?

LJ: The rule for the day is air kisses only. No contact should be made for the rest of the day after the makeup is applied. The bride can kiss other people, but ideally she should receive air kisses from others. This may be impossible, but usually women know not to kiss a beautifully made up bride with their red kissers. If you do get lipstick on your cheek, your bridesmaids should keep an eye on you to make sure your makeup looks flawless.

What if the bride is planning a destination wedding?

LJ: If you plan to bring your makeup artist with you, make sure your makeup artist has done a destination wedding before and knows how to travel. Make sure he or she brings his or her makeup kit as a carry-on so there is no risk of losing it as a checked bag. Airline security often recognizes them as makeup artists with their professional kits so it is usually fine.

Top Tips To Find The Right Makeup Artist For You

1. Ask your friends and family members who have recently gotten married in the city you are getting married in. They will probably have the best resources for you. Leverage their legwork.

2. Do a makeup trial. before you hire the makeup artist, unless you know for sure you want to hire the artist. No matter what, always do a trial.

3. Know what you want and speak up! Have an idea as to what you want, but also, just as importantly, have an idea of what you don't want. Be sure to share this information with the makeup artist. Clip pictures and images to show him or her both what you like and what you don't like when you have your makeup done. Write it down for the makeup artist. Give him or her some creative direction. Some makeup artists may take a look at the dress and one look at the bride and feel like they know what needs to be done. Give the makeup artist insights into what you like and what you want so you get it.

4. Clarify the cost. for the makeup artist and then determine who will be paying for the makeup for the bride and everyone else. Will the bride pay for everyone or just herself and family members? Decide these things before you hire the makeup artist because then you will know your budget and everyone else's before you sign up with the professional.

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