How To Get The Best Flowers For Your Wedding Day

Wedding advice: flowers, bouquets

Let your beauty blossom on your special day!

What if the bride overhears someone else saying something about the flowers at the wedding, such as her bouquet is so big or I can't see the person across the dinner table because the flowers are too high — what should she do?

ST: It's her wedding day and she should ignore them. Don't take it personally. Instead, focus on the fact that you are happy with the flowers you chose and that a majority of the people attending are also happy with the flowers. You shouldn't get bogged down by comments that the guests are making. Not everyone is going to love your decisions. It's your wedding, not theirs. Make your decision with your flowers and stick to it. They represent who you are and what you love.

What if the mother tries to take over the flower selection process for the wedding?

ST: This can be challenging, especially when mothers may sometimes be contributing money to the wedding. Sarah suggests that you take into account what your mother likes, compromise and find a happy medium. See if there are places that you don't feel quite as strongly and take these into account regarding what the mother wants and vice versa.

What about the throwing of the bouquet?

ST: While this is not really Sarah's thing, she can understand that it's tradition and that many brides want to do it. The bride will use a separate toss bouquet to throw. Many brides like to hold on to their actual bouquets after the wedding for a few days or dry them. Their bouquets are often beautifully crafted and the bride doesn't want to throw it on the ground.

How expensive are flowers and how much does a couple really need to budget for flowers?

ST: Flowers range in price from the size and scope of the wedding, to what is in season and what you can find locally vs. what you have to have flown in. There is no set price. It depends on the size (i.e.; an afternoon small brunch vs. a 350 person event at the Botanical Gardens). In New York, the minimum for a wedding of 150 people at a full-service venue would be around $5,000.

Top Tips For Finding The Best Floral Designer For Your Wedding:

  1. Interview designers. Look at any floral designer’s work to see if his or her style appeals to you. Their style and work should speak for itself. See if you like what they have done for others.
  2. Inform the designer of the mood you want to create. Plan to provide pictures of whatever you find inspirational and that represents what is important to you. Be sure to share the "Save the Date" reminder, the invitation, color swatches from your dress and those of the bridesmaids, pictures of the cake and as much as you can.
  3. Decide who else will have flowers. Determine who else you would like to have flowers so you can brainstorm with the designer. This will also affect your budget and cost so it is best to have an idea about this before you speak with a designer.
  4. Plan a site visit with the floral designer or share pictures of it. Make sure the designer either knows where the venue is and has provided flowers for a wedding there before. Or plan a site visit with him or her so you can discuss how the flowers will best work with the venue layouts for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Photo credit: Chellise Michael at Chellise Michael Photography