Anger: It's Not For Breakfast Anymore


Skip the steady diet of anger in the morning and get tips to start your day in a positive way.

How do you start your morning?

Maybe you begin by first opening your eyes and realizing: it’s a brand new day.

Where do your thoughts go from there? Whatever you think next will either set you up for success—or have the potential to sink your spirit and day.

Do you feel frustrated with your alarm clock and angry that it’s going off? As if you’ve been robbed? Do you grumble as you stumble out of bed?

Do you bemoan what you have to do today? Or do you yell at someone in your household or even yourself as you rise and “shine?”

Waking up angry is like infusing your mind, body and spirit with a poisonous supplement instead of positive ones like the nutritionals you may take.

A steady diet of anger can lead to murder, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, violence in the workplace, road rage, Internet rage, stress and sickness. Who wants to stay on a steady diet that leads to these horrible life experiences?

One of the easiest ways to wreck your day is by starting with a heaping helping of anger. Not only does this set off a whole host of health issues, it predisposes you to a day filled with frustrations, anxiety, rage and upset. These festering feelings may then come out in conversations and situations you’re in where you may regret the things you say or do.

Wouldn’t it be so much nicer to start your day in a positive way?

Here are some great tips to help you take the anger out of your morning and set yourself up for a fabulous day:

1) When you open your eyes in the morning, smile. It’s the simplest way to tell yourself it’s going to be a terrific day.

2) Breathe. Whatever you’re feeling when you wake up, take a minute, count to 60 seconds, and focus on your breathing. When you finish counting, smile and be grateful that you’re alive and breathing. Remember: others aren’t so lucky and can’t breathe so easily.

3) Think of one great experience you’d like to enjoy today. It could be anything from having a food you like to eat to seeing someone you love to visiting a favorite place, neighborhood or store, or having a great business meeting that’s bursting with opportunity.

4) Thank yourself for a fabulous day. Yes, it’s only just beginning, but wouldn’t it be amazing if you started and ended your day by acknowledging yourself for making it great?

5) As you roll out of bed and your feet hit the floor, tap the floor 3 times with your toes before you start walking. This will cause you to stop what you’re doing…and probably stop whatever thoughts you’re thinking. You may even smile as a result of doing it. This gives you a chance to disrupt any angry thoughts that are brewing in preparation for an upset.

When you start your day in a positive way and with a winning spirit, your odds of having amazing experiences filled with joy increase 100-fold.

When all you feel is good, it’s incredible how that feeling reflects in the way you walk, talk and carry out the activities during your day.

So wake up with the breakfast of champions!

Reset your mindset and tune in to your outstanding day ahead.

You have the right to remain fabulous!