The Truth About Discovering Your Life’s Purpose


We all want it. That very thing that utilizes all of our gifts and allows us to experience joy and fulfillment. Something to provide us with a sense of "I am of use." So we try out different jobs and activities. We go to school for another class or degree, we volunteer, or we go to workshops on things that interest us.

But, for some strange reason, we still don’t feel like we’ve really discovered our life’s purpose. Despite all of this work, we still feel like we’re wandering around aimlessly with no solid direction. We’re still unsettled cause don’t feel like we have it "all figured out."
Well, I’m here to let you in on a little secret: When it comes to your true life’s purpose, NOBODY has it all figured out.

Allow me to explain…

You don’t discover your full life’s purpose in one big "A ha!" moment where everything magically makes sense and now you can plan the rest of your life out according to that realization. That’s not how it works. In fact, by taking that approach you are allowing the fear of your mind (or ego) rule your life and keep you feeling unsettled.

When you actually fall into your life’s purpose there really is no"discovery" at all. Rather, it comes from a place of simply doing all that you love to do without your mind coming in and telling you that you can’t or shouldn’t. You simply act out of the flow of your own creative nature without knowing what may happen or how it could work. It’s an act of pure faith.

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So here are a few questions to ask yourself that can help you fall into your life’s purpose. Sit down in a comfortable position and you may want to meditate for a few minutes by closing your eyes and focusing only on your breath. Get out a pen and paper, write down each question, and answer each question one at a time.

What do I enjoy doing? What kinds of things do you experience joy when doing it? What are some of your interests? Do you enjoy cooking or painting? Are you a bit of a health or fitness nut? Do you enjoy writing or teaching? Write down whatever comes to your mind. Don’t think about it too much.

If I could do anything what would I do? It’s time to really dream big when answering this! Write down answers from a place of “everything and anything is possible”. If you notice a thought come up saying something like "That’s ridiculous" or "I can’t do that because…" then ignore the thoughts. Don’t push them away or give them any attention. Simply recognize them and focus back on answering the question.

When you allow yourself to really dream big without any limitations you’re allowing yourself to connect with that part of yourself that already knows what you should be doing.

Are there any ideas that I have associated with something I wrote above? These can be perfectly correlated to something written above or not. Write down whatever thoughts that come to your mind. If you find yourself worrying about whether it makes sense or not, then let it go and just continue to write down whatever comes to you.

Let me let you in on a little secret: To really fall into your life purpose kind of feels like you’ve just become a really good at winging it. The reason for this is because your mind thinks its just BS. Truly, its so much more than that because you’re allowing your creative self to really emerge.

Take note of which ideas have made you most excited. Focus on exploring those more. As you begin to explore those areas more you’ll begin to allow yourself to fall more into you’re true life’s purpose and begin to feel “I am of use.”

Start connecting to your life’s purpose TODAY!
What are some thoughts and ideas that came to you when you answered the questions listed above? What felt most profound? Which ideas made you the most excited? Share them below!

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This article was originally published at Jennifer Twardowski, Create a Life of Love. Reprinted with permission from the author.