5Steps To Knowing What You Want


You must know what you want to get what you want.

Let's get clear about you. Our minds tell us many things, some are true some are not. We all want to be clear and feel connection to our true selves. Sometimes what that is can be confusing to us. Follow these steps to get clear:

1:Connect with your body.Notice sensations in your body and let these sensations speak to you. Your body doesn't lie. For example: If you have tension in your chest ask yourself, what this tension is representing to you. Usually body sensations are  physical reactions to something you are thinking about. Perhaps you sense a "danger".Take these messages seriously to know how your body responds to life.

2: Every sensation has a thought attached. Every thought has a sensation. Observe the thought attached to the sensation. Thoughts are mostly habits. Some of us have healthy, positive thought habits while others have negative, self destructive thought habits.Notice your style. No judgement. Just observation.

3.Say to yourself (about the observations)"this is how I experience being human. No judgement. I am who I am".

4.Self acceptance is unconditional and requires no criticism of self. It means "I am who I am and that is ok." If you want to change, you need to accept what is.

5. Compassion for yourself. No change happens without acceptance for what is and  compassion for yourself. Whatever has transpired in your life to create your thoughts, find compassion for it. No judgement, No blame.

Whatever else shows up for you, continue to have awareness, acceptance and  compassion and this is the road to clarity. If this is difficult for you, it means you are only human.