5 Ways For Women To Be Happier As You Grow Older


5 Steps You Must Take For Happiness To Grow


Maturation is the growth and development of each person on life’s journey. The process is different for each person, yet there are some universal commonalities. We grow, experience life,learn and change. Here we focus on two stages of “Everywoman’s” life as she grows into the more mature stages as we know them in our times.

“With each stroke of the Brush, an original New Shade of Color is Invented”

As we move from  stage to stage, perspective becomes redefined…as we ourselves become redefined. Just as the move from childhood to adolescence “shape-shifted”. So too, does the sense of self change at this time. We recognize we are not our parents.

…A woman with graying hair is reminded of her body’s aging process. Some women
accept this change and wear it like a trophy…others color the gray trying to defy destiny. … yet on some level she knows that her body is changing and that it needs to be cared for differently….Wisdom at this time of life involves the ability to make effective choices as we begin to perceive the road ahead as being  shorter than the one that lies behind. The Upside is that we have developed a collection of original shades
that offer a greater repertoire of life skills and strategies. The wisdom lies in how we use these skills.

The Older Woman’s Voice

The journey continues. It has been long and is still ongoing. Sometimes arduous, sometimes sad…often joyous, even fulfilling….Now, I face new territories… I am in a different place – living on a new level- facing new challenges. What are they? How shall I meet them? I am the same person who has been taking this journey- yet, in some important ways, I am different.

My body is different …my pace is different…my walk is slower…my thoughts are not…

I must adapt to this

My self image is different. Inwardly, I am vibrant, productive, competent, filled with ideas and desires. The mirror shows me a different face and form. 

I must accept this.

My roles are different. At earlier points I was daughter,wife, mother, worker, leader,achiever etc. and etc. There are fewer of these now – and the content and tasks of each role are different.

I must understand this.

My social image is different… my capacities are different… My future is different…

I must be aware…wise and realistic about these differences.

Is anything the same?... My new but not totally different identity is emerging. Now I
must…shape this new identity so that it conforms to my basic notions of who I am and who I want to be.


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