A Brief Guide To Understanding Sex Addiction

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Sex addiction is a obsessive/compulsive disorder.Let's look at it more closely.

A Simple Guide To Understanding Sex Addiction

Think “wet cement”. You can imprint anything on it while it's wet.  Once it dries, the image is “set”.The mind is similar.  A newborn's mind is a canvas for first experiences. Those experiences are shaped by the drama of the family(as they are the first people in the newborn's life). All experiences are computed and impressed onto the mind's canvas. These are both  physical and emotional experiences.  Our perspectives are shaped by these impressions. Although we are born with biological predispositions, these predispositions are only“potentials” which can be nurtured or discouraged.

Understanding addiction  is complicated. Research has found that most people suffering with addiction do have a family history of addiction. Addictions manifest in many ways .A person may be addicted to alcohol, drugs, food, work or other behaviors including sex. Often the addict may have multiple addictions. The person suffering with an addiction tends to  have poor coping skills such as avoidance and denial, may become anxious, develop obsessive tendencies, low self esteem, may be mistrustful, and may have poor communication  and  problem solving abilities.

Addiction can be used as a coping mechanism for a range of difficulties in her/his life.

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