6 Ways To Keep The "Snap" In Your Marraige

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Keep your relationship Fresh and Exciting.

Long term relationships can become routine, boring and stale.  Here are a few suggestions to keep the relationship fresh.

1.Choose to look at the whole picture. The glass is half full and half empty  ALWAYS. You can choose to look at what makes you unhappy, or you can choose to consider seeing both the glass half empty and half full (which is the real deal). Unless you are seeing the whole perspective, you will not be getting a realistic view.

2.Choose happiness. Decide you want your relationship to work for both of you. Inquire what it is like to be your partner. Consider their perspective. Be curious.

3.Choose to be recommitted to the relationship. Remember what it was like when you first got together. Renew some of the ways you used to relate.

4.Acknowledge and Respect the differences between you and your partner. You don't have to be the same, you just have to be compatible.

5.Keep sex fresh. Explore and experiment sexually with your partner.

6.Make your relationship a priority. Think of your marriage as a garden. It must be watered, weeded and given a lot of sunshine. Tend to the problem spots.

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