4 Things My Sister Taught Me About Planning A Wedding

4 Things My Sister Taught Me About Planning A Wedding [EXPERT]
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Here's how to avoid the wedding planning mistakes I made.

But that's exactly what you need to do. What I've learned from my sister is to accept help and let go. If things fall through the cracks, then keep a cool head and realize that the most important thing is the "I Do."             

4. Set attainable goals. Perfection is not the objective. Identify three specific things that really matter to you and your partner and keep a list of those three things to refer back to every time you can feel your anxiety and stress levels rising. Chances are, the type of ribbon you use for the favors will not be on that list. Focusing on what's important will automatically filter out concerns for the inconsequential. 4 Resolutions For A Stronger You & Relationship In 2012

You may not make the same choices my sister has, but the point is to keep from becoming entangled in all the expectations that bombard you when you start your wedding planning process. My sister saw the stress that I underwent trying to make everyone happy, and decided to take a simpler approach to her wedding. She remembered that a wedding is ultimately a day that brings all the people you love into the same place to celebrate and enjoy each other’s company. And the rest is just details. The truth is, everything I learned from my sister, she learned from me.

About the author: Jennifer Chappell Marsh is a Couples Counselor and Premarital Therapist in San Diego www.premaritalcounselingsandiego.com


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