Love Yourself First and Attract High Quality Men


Loving yourself and making yourself happy will attract high quality men.

In dating, what you attract usually is a reflection of what you are or have to offer. If you are needy, so will be the men that you attract. Or they will pick up on it and take advantage of you.  No bueno.

If you are strong and confident, so will be the men that you attract. What is awesome though, is that you can raise your standards high at any time no matter what they have (or haven't) been before. This applies especially for other aspects in your life such as parenting,health, career, spirituality, etc.

After you improve yourself and strengthen the qualities you already possess, you can sit back and watch the high quality men come in and the little boys go away. It is quite interesting to observe and even more fun to experience. Just remember if you have high standards then YOU must also be a reflection of those standards! Work on yourselves ladies. You are responsible for your own happiness first.  Then you can be ready for that extraordinary relationship it is that you desire.

You come first along with the priorities that fall in place after that. Get your priorities in check and start loving yourself.  It starts with a choice. Don't like your situation? Change it.  STOP depending on others to fulfill you.