It's Not You, It's Me


Take an honest look at yourself and determine whether your failed relationships are all about you.

How often have we heard this line either on television or in real life?  Or maybe even have said it to someone?  The truth of the matter is that many times it IS true.

When a relationship isn’t working for us there are many variables to consider.  Are they ready?  Am I ready?  Is it just bad timing?  Are they not meeting my expectations?  Am I not meeting theirs?  I have been known to "love sabotage" relationships for the simple fear of being left first or the possibility of my heart being broken. 

If I see myself getting too close to someone or my heart starts opening up then BAM!!!  I find a reason why the relationship “realistically” would not work in the long run.  Whether or not that is true I will never know because I left before anything could blossom. 

Yes, I stayed in control, but I wasn’t living life and taking a chance.  I have let go of a few really good men and have seen the pattern.  It is time to break the cycle and give love a chance.  That is what living an abundance and purposeful life is all about, right?  Do yourself a favor and open yourself up for love.  Even if it doesn’t work out, you gave it your best shot and learned from the experience, which helped you to grow and be more knowledgable.  And that is NEVER a bad thing.