8 Ways To Turn Heads

attractive woman wearing sunglasses getting attention

6. Appear Approachable. Ironically, people go out to meet new people, but often give off signs that prevent someone new from approaching. Ladies often travel with an entourage, which can be intimidating. Men will stand in a corner and avoid eye contact, which screams uninterested. Generally, a person acts in this manner because s/he is shy. To send the right message give others eye contact and a smile. It's a natural icebreaker. What Kind of Message Does Your Body Language Send?

7. Dress To Impress. The first thing anyone notices is your appearance. How you dress will convey confidence and approachability. Always leave your house ready to meet someone new. You never know when an opportunity may present itself. Your uniform should be well-tailored clothing with a pop of color. Perfume/cologne is icing on the cake.

8. Be Receptive. After you've gotten a hello, it's time to be nice! The new confident, approachable, stylish you may attract many different types of people. But don't discount anyone before you get to know him/her. The key is to meet new people. Give everyone a chance. You never know where it will lead.

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