Sexual Pleasure & Dating 101


Learn how to increase your sexual pleasure while dating

Hey Lovergirl,

I am thrilled to announce a very special event that I am hosting with none other than Shara Raqs, Professional Belly Dancer & Radiant Sexuality Expert…


Sexual Pleasure & Dating 101

Shara and I are teaming up to bring you a Free Teleclass on everything you need to know about your sexual pleasure while dating.

 Here’s some of what we’ll be discussing…

  •  When is the right time to become physically intimate and when to keep him wanting more
  •  How to avoid becoming a booty call
  •  The number one turn on for men in the bedroom
  •  How to increase your sexual pleasure capacity even while you are single
  •  The 2 most important gifts that a woman has that men covet
  •  How to reconnect to your sexual essence and feel more delicious in your own skin
  •  And much more;)

Oh by the way did I mention this is a FREE CLASS… Join us on May 7th, at 6 pm CST

Again… The Deets…

You + Me + Shara

May 7th at 6 pm CST

On the phone sharing the goods

 Don’t miss it… (Oh if you can’t make it… sign up anyways, we’ll send you the recording) Also we’d love it it if you would share this event with all your single girlfriends!


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