Why Turning 50 Is a Turn On For a Woman


Many women are terrified of the big 50.  Everything starts to sag. Breasts, thighs and skin.   Suddenly it sounds like you are a chicken.

Yet this moment is actually magic.  No I am not crazy.

When the skin sags, and wrinkles appear, you can finally breathe through the plastic.
The Barbie hymen is broken, you have survived the smooth skin transition and all the expectation of being malleable.  Now you can find love for you beneath your skin.
That discovery alone is priceless. 

When you begin to touch your soul beneath your skin, you perspire confidence, and that my lovely is more alluring than any man made perfume.

50 is a magical number of freedom, 5 sits on a rocker open on both sides, adventurous and willing. 0 gives divine protection to this is a watershed moment, halfway between your life.

Will you live the next fifty like you did the past fifty?  Chances are the answer is no. 
Most women were raised to be good little women.  That smack down either had you rushing to prove no-one could stop you, or that you were the goodest little good girl ever. Whatever side you sat on, it was an exhausting journey.  At 50 who gives a rat's behind about proving anything to anyone else?  Those days are over.  At last!

Now it is your turn to find your inner S spot. Sacred, sensual and selfish.   Selfish in the sense of connecting and listening inward, instead of bending out to oblige the voices of others.

You get to slow right down to being number one. Just breathe into that juiciness.  One is the leader who stands alone. Creative and independent. Nothing can quite match up to the richness of knowing that you are in charge of your life. You get to choose everything.

No more putting up a polite front with Aunt Mabel who has worn out your nice button with her rudeness.  Nor ignoring that patronizing pat on your knee from wandering male hands..  Now you can smile sweetly and drop the boundary bomb.  Say what is on your mind and put those unruly bounders in their place.

Your children, friends, lovers, partner, all wonderful in their own right and now you get to tell them so.   I love you, I trust you will make the right decisions for you.  Take care of the cat, call me in an emergency, I am off on a world cruise.  

It could be that easy.  You have the leisure to take a long long vacation alone or with your partner of choice, backpacking or moving to another country. If you have the means, or the mojo, who can say nay?  You get to spend your money all on you, shop till you drop, stay out all night or sleep the day away.  One of my friends is requesting 50 vacations, big or small with her husband or alone all through her fiftieth year.  That is the power of fifty, the numeral that loves travel.

Suddenly all your free time is exclusively yours to dole it out for your own pleasure.  Say no thanks to those boring Holiday Banquets with Jello and create your own traditions.  A day of seduction and soup could be perfect for Xmas.  Even with young kids, you can loosen up and create freedom days.   Where everyone does something unconventional and fun.

Create the meals you want or stop cooking.  Take a class in sushi making with your spouse,  Drink tea and eat fairy cakes for breakfast, lunch or supper.   Explore new foods solo or in company. The what is for dinner question takes on a new meaning after fifty.  Take yourself to a fancy bar and buy your own cocktail. Talk to anyone and leave alone, or not.

If you are married, share with your spouse your next fifty years vision.

Less playing house, way more good times.  Remember when you were 20 and you had those dreams?  Now you can act on them because you no longer let closed doors stop you.  

When you are fifty you make your own rules.  About everything.

When someone waxes un-lyrical, you can leave.  You don't even need to find an excuse.  Everyone knows that women over fifty suffer menopause and strange moods.
Milk that baby.  When you feel like being alone, or need a day at the spa, just mention menopause and you will have your man agreeing.

Everything you do feeds your soul. You take up exercise because you want to, and it feels sublime to have ownership of your body.  You know the adventure begins the moment you wake up.   You can smile at other women, with an open heart. and have great conversations with men you don't want to bed.  You invite yourself places and feel very relaxed about dancing alone or traveling solo.

You enjoy discovering your spiritual side and relish the fact that no explanation is required.

People tell you how incredible you look as you don clothes that fit your curves, and laugh with merriment.

There is joy in sharing your needs with your mate as your libido soars.

Best of all you stop apologizing for your brilliance, and feel amazing.  Being 50 means you get to welcome the next fifty with verve, why not embrace the opportunity that number brings?

If you want help to feel less exhausted and more joy,, need  guidance and practical steps, I invite you to sign up for a 15 minute free call to discuss how I can help you on your path to being fabulous and fifty.