Valentine Love By The Numbers

Valentine Love By The Numbers

Finding your footing in love relationships and your role.

Life and love are entwined for sure. The romance of being part of a couple has its own flavor. Sometimes sweeter than honey, and other times more bitter than desired. Valentine's day gets us reflecting on the mystery of love. No matter where we stand in the equation.

Love adds up to 9. Did you know that all words reduce to a number vibration and the universe runs on numbers? Yes, pretty cool that the mysteries of life can be explained or numbered, like Love where L=3, O=6, V=4, & E=5 which totals 18. 1+8 =9. Nine is the number of love, compassion, and holds the wisdom of all numbers, yet 18/9 is a number that signals possible betrayal.  Intrigued yet?

We talk about love being a numbers game and certainly many princesses have kissed a multitude of frogs and beasts in the forests of our world.   Some of those frogs have proved to be handsome princes although on digging deeper, there is little proof of happily forever after. Romance, love and happiness depend on their numbers and on how we chose to play the game. Your game, your rules—or are you a pawn of your own limits?  The numbers give us possibility, and option.

What and who do you choose?

Let us examine more of these very interesting vibrations, in  the numbers of Valentine's Day. The date, February 14 is no accident; in fact, it activates a vibration that clues us into this heady code of passion and promise betwixt human hearts.

Start with 1 + 4, which makes up 14. One is the number of self. Masculine, strong, individual—one stands alone. What does that mean? To enjoy a great relationship, be true to yourself since there is no two without ones ( 1 +1 =  2 ). If you don't know what you want, you can't get it, and you wouldn't you recognize it if it bit you in the bum. If you can't recognize you have what you want, finding the gratitude to bring home more of this juiciness is likely to be a messy business.

Four is the number of hearth; it's that culmination of hot desire setting up a heart and home to keep your love burning. It embodies the discipline and hard work required to create and maintain your love tent. Who doesn't want mind body and spirit, represented in the triangle of 4? Engaged in the earthly act of love, indulging in hot sex or connecting passionately as a unit, sharing activities, conversation, or breaking bread? Whatever you visualize at your hearth comes from being at one with who you, are while being inspired to make it happen. Love needs a maintenance plan.

The 1+ 4 = 5, and five is the number of self expression and adventure. The hearth needs air to voice excitement, wit and romance that is constantly needed to be interesting. 14/5 is the scribe number—so it is a good day for poetry, hand written notes, single red roses or any communication, media blown or intimate. Single or attached it is a wonderful day to honor the lover and lovable in you and your life, since love must find a spark within you first to create that chain reaction. 14/5 also activates kundalini energy, the qi or life force within every earthly creature, starting a perfect storm for romance. Follow your heart and dare bold this Valentine's, the numbers are on your side.

This year 2014 the code is intensified for many reasons. Because we are in the year 2014/7 and in a 9 universal month (2014 plus 2) we are all vibrating love and the need to find our own definition of what that means for us. Just look at these numbers  2.14.2014  the numbers 2.1.4 duplication creates in itself 2 sevens the total which equals 14/5. The seven year is about coming back to self. Finding your footing in love relationships and your role. Queen, or serving wench—each role demands definition and devotion.

Whether you celebrate alone or with your love, this Valentine festival is poised to shake up your beliefs about what you desire, dream, and deserve, and you also awaken a little magic. An excellent time to get heady on qi, and find the winning number for your frog to croak a princely croon.

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