5 Valentines Day Date Ideas For Frugal Parents

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Love, Family

... because parents on a budget deserve romance, too!

4. Sweet treat. Eat dinner with the kids, and have everyone put on the glam. Dress up the table with flowers, candles, cloth napkins and play soft music. Even write up a menu. Serve an elegant meal or order in if it's easier. Let the kids eat desert alone while you clean up and tuck them in.

Save your dessert for after lights out. Move the candles and flowers into into the living room, and keep the music on. Dance, get passionate and enjoy the pleasure of making love while the kids are sleeping.

5. A little rendezvous. Meet your partner at a posh hotel for lunch wearing something alluring without underwear. Pre-order room service or meet in the bar and go up to your room separately. Pretend you haven't seen each other in a long time. Maybe it won't be a lie. Banish talking about the kids and switch off the electronics. This meal is for just the two of you.

A romantic time-out means you switch off parent mode to be a lover — present and totally into fanning the fire. Valentines Day is a reminder that romance is why you have children. Spread those rose petals all over. Your kids will enjoy a better home life with parents who take the time to indulge in love!