Design Your Bedroom To Please

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Does your bedroom look like an afterthought? Here's how to design a sanctuary.

Changing a bedroom into a boudoir of bliss is simpler than you think. Don't let a small budget or fear of being too frilly deter your retreat. Every woman needs some indulgence to balance her life. Begin self nourishment and a sense of personal luxury with these easy tips:

Define what turns you on your personal space. Warm, spicy, sacred, delicious? Check out some in print and online resources and magazines. Create a pinterest board or a dream room scrap book and make a note of what items attract you. Could be silk drapes or a geometric rug.

Clear the clutter. Bedrooms can become a catch-all for everything that has no home. Throw away that broken dresser, and the extra laundry basket. Be ruthless. Remember your health, sanity and sex life are at stake. Being romantic or playful surrounded by discards is a challenge you might be too tired to deal with.

Conceal those working uglies. Don't let an office is in your bedroom dominate your relaxation time. Find a pretty screen, hide work in a closet or in a window, or rethink the scale and style of the desk and chair to compliment the space. Store work stuff in a container that matches the room.

Play to the strengths of the room. If you have a window try facing your bed toward the light. Facing doors or closets from your bed can make you feel cramped  If there is no way to change the view use the conceal trick from step 3..  Run a drapery rod across the wall opposite and cover it up with fabric from floor to ceiling. Check sales, get inventive, make your own or hang fun sheets. Paint the walls doors and mouldings all one color so everything becomes a wall Or use art, color or paper to add interesting visuals.

Create harmony. Move the furniture around, and if you have space try creating smaller "rooms" within. Bring in a chair or a pair into a corner or across from the bed. Add a fireplace mantle with or without a firebox, a bench or make it cozy with a rug. Mix in masculine and feminine elements so it feels comfortable for both of you. 

Use continuity. Keep it simple and luxurious with rich colors and a muted palette. Or have fun by bringing in more vibrant colors. Paint ugly or mismatched bedside tables and headboard all one color or experiment to find your sweet spot. Coordinate bedcover, drapes and paint in color and pattern so they all go together. Find a pair of matching lamps and choose larger than standard shades with a texture or pattern that adds that extra touch. Add in or reduce the number of pillows, candles, books and accessories. Sanctuary requires less, so edit to prevent your style from losing shape while giving you breathing space.

Tackle your room in stages, by doing the clean up and placement first. Then make a list of what you need and determine your budget. You might discover some great stuff in another room or at a local thrift store. Search out bed linens and drapes or have them made. Choose paint after linens and rugs are selected since that can be tough to match, unless you are painting furniture or walls with a neutral color. If you already have everything and just want to pull a room together without buying anything follow the process using what you own. Find more decorating and self empowerment tips here.

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