Simple Sensual Massage Secrets For Sweethearts 101

couple on floor

at a height that feels good for you, as well as making your partner comfortable. However, if a massage table is not an option, then go the extra mile to make the best use of the space available to communicate that something out of the ordinary is about to happen. Perhaps you could even sprinkle some flower petals around the area, or form them in the shape of a heart. If you are using the floor, make sure there is enough padding underneath you and your partner; perhaps a couple of thick blankets, quilts and a pillow or two. Cover the area you will be using with sheets, and have a towel handy. If you are using the bed, I also recommend that you spread an extra sheet right over the top of the covers. The idea is to make it comfortable, clean and inviting. You also want to be sure you are giving this massage on something that is washable. You do not want to taint this experience with the worry of possibly ruining an expensive rug or messing up the bed you intend to sleep in by spilled oil all over it.

DON'T allow distractions into the environment. You don't want to be interrupted or distracted.  I recommend turning off the ringer to your phones; cell phones and landlines. Allow voice mail provide a real service. If you have young children, plan ahead and get a sitter. Make sure the room is visually pleasing, devoid of any clutter or unfinished projects. You don't want to be distracted by thoughts of stuff that needs to be finished or things you could potentially trip over. Turn off the TV and, as much as possible, eliminate potential distraction; unpleasant sights, sounds and smells… anything that might take your minds away from the pleasure of the moment. You want the massage and the special time you are sharing with your partner to be where all the focus goes.

Making a Connection

DO keep in mind the goal of creating an experience of bliss and sensual delight. You are going to use touch to communicate tender, romantic feelings and create an intimate connection with your partner. The little details can make a really big difference. Where will this massage taking place and how you will prepare the area? Think about what room will you be using; what you want to have in the room with you, as well as what you want to make sure is not in the room with you. Whether or not you have had any massage or bodywork training is not as important as your ability to tune in to pleasure; your partner’s pleasure as well as your own pleasure. Remain present, and notice what your beloved responds too. Today you are setting out to be a touch artist, to communicate in the language of love. Beginning with the very first touch, you want to make a connection. Set out to not only massage your partner's body, but to touch their soul.

DO use oil, or other massage product of your choice.  Personally I think that using oil, as opposed to giving a dry massage, adds a great deal to the sensory pleasure of the massage.  How you apply the oil makes a world of difference. How much should be used?  To some extent, the amount of oil used may be a matter of personal preference. Personally I prefer not to over use the oil when giving a sensual massage. I want my partner to feel my touch and the sensation of my skin and warmth against their skin, not just the sensation of oil dripping down their sides. If you are not sure how much to use, I recommend using just enough oil to create a nice glide, but no more. However, I am aware that some people may really like the "slippery seal" sensation of lots of oil. If this is the case, then I recommend using sheets you don't mind getting completely oily, and perhaps a plastic drop cloth underneath. Also, have plenty of towels handy to wipe off with when you are done.

What type of oil should be used? I recommend using an oil or some another product such as lotion or gel that was designed specifically for massage. However, there are also some all natural types of oil that you might use that you could also cook or bake with, such as coconut, grape seed or sweet almond oil. If you would like to indulge your sense of smell, then consider using oil that is infused with a little bit of naturally aromatic essential oil like lavender. I like to use oil that can be safely ingested and has a pleasant taste, especially because "kissing" may be involved, but also because our skin absorbs what we put on it and it gets into our system even if we do not eat it.

DON'T use baby oil. It tends to be too slick, overly shiny and sits on the surface of your skin. However, there is an even bigger reason to avoid it. Baby oil smells like… well… babies.  Our sense of smell is particularly linked to memory. This scent may be unconsciously linked with memories of taking care for young children, especially if you are a parent, ever baby sat, or helped to care for your younger siblings. The intention here is to create a relaxing, intimate, adult type of sensory experience, not to trigger anxious memories of sleepless nights changing diapers. Also void using heavily perfumed oil that could potentially irritate sensitive areas. You want to be able to safely explore your lover’s entire body seamlessly, without concerned over getting any of the wrong type of product in the wrong places. So use something that can be safely used anywhere on the body, even the most delicate parts, without irritation. Having to stop, wash your hands and change products is just not sexy or spontaneous. Be especially careful not to use anything that includes an ingredient your partner

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