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1-3 years


Nashville TN 37214 - United States



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Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Relationship Coach

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We talk about relationships, the good, the bad and the ugly. Mostly from a man's perspective, since..well...I am a man. We keep it interesting, it can be light or deep, off da chain or reserved. Enjoy!

About Jay Hurt

I live in Nashville, TN and have two daughters, Kristina and Jalen.

I was driven to share my wealth of knowledge on relationships by my many friends and acquaintances.  Their appreciation for my advice, my numerous personal accounts and a liberation through faith have brought me to a place where I can relate pitfalls to help others be fulfilled and blessed in their relationships.  My work in relationship sales and building relationships was key to my success as a top salesperson.  Now I have repositioned some of the relationship building techniques that I have applied in the business world (clear communication, appreciation, respect) with important elements that are crucial to successful relationships (constant work, growth, love and honor) in our personal lives. 


I am the author of 9 Tenets of a Successful Relationship, for Singles.  The book is a guide for how to address the daily challenges of our relationships, ultimately to enhance the relationship as a whole.  I have developed 9 Tenets as the guide for relationship development, longevity, and prosperity.

Interestingly, I was brought closer to his my relationship with Christ through a tough breakup.  Through that breakup, I was mentored by one of my pastors at my church.  The revelations I found through mentoring and prayer led me to open up the common sense thought processes wrapped in faith to share with many the tenets which have been successful for he and his counterparts.  The tenets truly speak for themselves.  I have put together a way to convey them into a no-nonsense quick read which when done diligently will change lives and bring families closer together.

I hope you find wisdom and knowledge to assist with everyday life through these principles in these articles as you will find in my book.  Enjoy!


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