The One Thing You Need To Find Real Happiness In Your Life


If you’ve ever struggled to find your happiness in life, this information is right up your alley.

In the past, I often had a hard time enjoying simple pleasures because so much of my mental and emotional energy was obsessed with figuring out my life’s happiness.

I was spending an enormous amount of time and energy trying to figure out exactly what I was supposed to do with my life. I was looking for that "perfect" solution!

After much self-torture, bucket loads of tears, bunches of “tests” and hundreds of hours of research, I've broken through the "passion challenge."

Here is what I've figured out.

You can't find your passion in your head thinking about it. Certainty, focus and clarity around your passion comes from...ACTION...not thinking about it.

That's a critical concept!

People spend years thinking...should I do it or should I not do it? What if this or that happens? What about ... ???!!!

Heck, I did the same thing and wasted a lot of time and energy.

Here is an example. I thought about writing a book for years and years. I really wanted to do it, but worried how would I really get it done. I wasn't a journalist or super duper magical writing machine. I had no clue on to get started. What if people hated it? How would I find an editor? Blah, blah, blah...kind of sounds like excuses doesn't it??!!

I finally wrote Social Wealth. When I finished my book...I literally had tears in my eyes (which my Jack Russell Terrier, Napoleon) kindly licked away.

It was complete joy and happiness at making my passion a reality. I wasted all those years thinking about it. And in the end, only action made it happen.

THINKING about it didn't ever move me closer to writing it.. The right time for action is now!

I had to step into and embrace uncertainty. By allowing myself to be in uncertainty, I could write the book. 

Many people use fear as a reason to STOP rather than a SIGN POST showing them where to go!

Even if you go for your passion, and it doesn't work out. You can take that learning and apply to something else. So every action you take is extremely valuable and leads to closer to your true calling.

Every great inventor has followed this. Steve Jobs came up with the idea of the iPhone. Everyone thought he was crazy.

And no one thought the iPhone would be the industry leader. Well, the idea became genius only after the action of building, marketing, and selling it happened.

"Thinking alone" wouldn't have made the iPhone happen.

Here are two action items for you right now:

1. So what is/are your passion(s)? Take a job in that field or area, volunteer, research it, etc. Take some action.

2. What are your natural skills and strengths? What do you enjoy going?

Skills and strengths trump passion when it comes to doing deeply rewarding work that matters. When you master these areas, you will find truly satisfying work and activities in your life.

Another thing people get wrong about finding their passion is...that passion is something external to them. Passion is inside you. You create it. It isn't something to find by chance.

So bring passion to everything you do in life...even simple things like walking your dog, doing your laundry, your work or school, etc.

Passion like positivity and high energy is contagious. People you come in contact with will feel your passion and they will want to be around you and help you find your dreams. I promise you opportunities will come your way.

Is this making sense?

Leave a comment below...on...

1. Did you struggle to find your passion, but you figured out a way to discover it? If so, how did you do it?

2. If you are still struggling to find your passion, what concrete actions can do you take to figure it out? How can you do from thinking about it to taking action

Share with others your triumphs and challenges. It always helps...and you might get some insights that help you break through and discover your passions.

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Be Extraordinary,

Jason Treu