Are You Ready for Marriage?


Jasbina Ahluwalia asks Bhuvaneshwari Bhagat:  That’s interesting. Based on your experience as a marriage counselor, with respect to how to assess compatibility before making the decision to enter into marriage, do you have any insights into that?

Bhuvaneshwari Bhagat

I tell people, when you think of getting married, answer certain questions.

Why do you want to get married?

Often, people have a very typical idea of why they are getting into marriage.

When they start living a married life, they see, “She is not like this,” or “He is not like that.” You question why you thought this person would be like that.

Ready for Marriage But What’s Your Priority

Was that a priority for you?

Was it important for you that the house should be kept a certain way or that there is a certain amount of religious involvement that one should have?

It’s very important to know who you are, your needs and why you’re looking for a life partner-.

Ready for Marriage But What Does Marriage Mean?

What does marriage mean to you? Is it about your family, meaning your parents?

You ask people, “What does marriage mean to you?” Someone might say, “I see my mom, dad, sister and me as a family and then my wife. I want a wife.” You know where the priorities lie.

It’s about how they think. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

I think it’s very important to know who you are and why a marriage is important to you. Then you can address what that marriage will mean to you, who this person is and what it entails.

Ready for Marriage: Who are You and What Are You Looking For?

If you get the top two questions answered about who you are and what you are looking for in a marriage, then when you come across that person, most of your compatibility things start rolling out easily.

Often, people don’t really focus on who they are. They only focus on the other person.

“She is this and that.” or “He is this. He is that.” How does that relate to who you are? That is more important.

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