Open Your Heart to Gratitude


Gratitude has the power to transform your love life. Open your heart to have the love you desire.

Gratitude is magical. It has the power to transform your love life. When your heart is open, you have more meaningful connections with dates and partners, you think positively and feel good about yourself, and enjoy the ups and downs of your love life more. Opening your heart to gratitude lets you come from a place of abundance, helping you attract the kind of love you desire and deserve.

What gratitude looks like

When you’re grateful for your relationship, you’re focusing on the positive aspects of your partner and relationship, accepting of your and your partner’s quirky traits, are satisfied with what you have and are settling for more.

If you’re single, grateful and would like to be in a healthy relationship, you’re happy with your own life while taking action to attract love, selective with who you share yourself with and doing the inner work to prepare yourself for the right relationship.

Why it's difficult to open your heart

Being human makes it challenging to open our hearts to gratitude; we tend to get caught up in the cycle of unhealthy thoughts. These types of thoughts result in the following:

  • Thinking “I’m not enough”
  • Comparing your mate and relationship to others
  • Inability to be present to and accept what is
  • Having a “lack of” mentality
  • Never being satisfied
  • Striving, striving, striving
  • Trying to control your mate
  • Trying to control the outcome
  • Needing to be right
  • Blaming your mate
  • Wanting to change your partner
  • Having a closed mind to your partner’s perspectives
  • Feeling disconnected to yourself
  • Seeing yourself as separate from others
  • Putting your focus on work and not on love
  • Perfection and not embracing your humanity
  • Taking love too seriously and not enjoying the journey
  • Wishing your love life were different
  • Judging yourself and your partner
  • Not enough time “just being” (too busy doing)

How to open your heart

Whether you’re in a good place, losing hope, skeptical or jaded, these practices will open your heart.

  • See the gifts in challenging situations
  • Look for the good in life and others
  • Be kind to yourself and others
  • Spent time in nature
  • Indulge your senses
  • Feel into your emotions
  • Connect with supportive family and friends
  • Help someone in need
  • Spend time with and around children
  • Be present
  • Enjoy your own company
  • Write a heartfelt letter to yourself
  • Play more and work less
  • Create an emotionally-compelling mantra
  • Discover and live your passions
  • Make time for you
  • Just be
  • Practice meditationg.
  • Visualize love pouring all over you and through your heart
  • Communicate kindly (i.e. Say, “I feel differently.” instead of “You’re wrong”)

When your heart is opening up, you’ll begin to feel expanded, lighter, joyful, inspired and full of possibilities. Which ones will you practice to open your heart to gratitude?

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