Let Your Feminine Energy Lead You To Love


Masculine men are attracted to women who know how and when to turn on their feminine energy.

As a smart professional woman, your career success depends on masculine traits (i.e. being driven, assertive, strong, in charge, controlling, etc.). When a woman is competitive with a man, he may admire and respect her in the corporate world. But when it comes to love, a man isn’t looking for a woman to be a better man than he is. Masculine traits applied to love keep you from experiencing a meaningful connection with a masculine man.

Masculine men are attracted to feminine traits. They love strong women who know when to turn on their feminine energy. When you connect with your feminine energy, you provide an open and nurturing environment for love to flourish. If your approach to love hasn’t worked and you want to find a masculine man, try a softer approach by connecting with your feminine energy.

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