Can We Really Have It All? What Is The Price Of Happiness?


Can money buy your happiness?

In measuring how to be happy, many people think that they will "have it all" when they are successful in their job, are in a great relationship, own their own home, drive a nice car, and can buy whatever they want. While everyone has his or her own definition for having it all and  in the end we all want the same thing: happiness.

Striving and pressuring yourself to do, achieve and accumulate more may bring you happiness in that moment when you get what you want. But soon after, you'll be looking for the next great thing. Having it all then becomes a cycle of striving, achieving and accumulating, followed by conditional happiness. You will never have it all when focusing on possessions, achievements and status.

To be clear, pursuing possessions, achievements and status are fine as long as you're not relying on them for your happiness. But the purest sense of having it all is feeling happy despite these things and feeling good about yourself regardless of what others think of you. If you can get to the purest sense of having it all, you will know you are enough instead of looking to possessions, achievements and status to make you feel complete.  

Having it all is like having complete happiness. If you've been struggling and striving, stop tying your identity to possessions and status. Start looking within and work on feeling good about yourself. The more you feel good about yourself, the happier you will be with whatever you have.