Are Divorced Men Capable Of Commitment?

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Does a divorce in his past signify marriage-mindedness, or is it precisely the opposite?

A guy who can't commit will bring up your insecurities and have you second-guessing yourself. You'll believe his words and question his actions. You may have a great time together, but not know when you'll see or hear from him next. He will come into your life and disappear, then come back only to disappear for good.

How to decide is a divorced guy is husband material or not:

If you're dating or in a relationship with a divorced guy, find out the reasons his marriage didn't work out. Know what to look for and learn whether he sees himself getting married again. Don't trust or doubt what he tells you. Instead, observe how you feel based on what he shares with you. If he's open with you in explaining what happened without blaming or talking bad about his ex, and you feel comfortable with what he's shared, he may be husband material. 

If he's reluctant to tell you why his marriage didn't work out, or he blames his ex or you sense that he's not being honest, pay attention to how you feel inside. Chances are, you'll have a feeling of discomfort and then your mind will rationalize away this discomfort. This is a sign that he is not husband material.  

Don't judge and rule out a guy just because he's divorced. Let his behaviors, actions and the interactions you observe with his ex-wife, kids, family and friend, reveal if he's marriage-minded or unable to commit.

What's your experience been with divorced guys? Do you think they're marriage-minded or unable to commit?

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