What’s The Best Way To Have A One Night Stand?

What’s The Best Way To Have A One Night Stand?

Be careful about your one night stand. You don't want to be sorry about it afterwards.

A client recently had the scare of her life when her husband of twenty  years admitted to a ten month affair with a colleague. He said was fed up with always being the initiator in sex with his wife and had decided to seek out an equal partner. 

The wife was anguished. She said the problem was that she was warned by her parents when she was young that - "good girls never let on they want sex. If they do, no one would want or love them".  She was still living her parents’ words after all those years and never initiated sex.

Many women nowadays feel fine to seek sex for pleasure through online dating and apps.
This creates both good and bad news for guys. The good news is it’s a fabulous opportunity for predatory men  who have sexual confidence. The bad news is it’s scary for men who doubt their sexual prowess.

The bad news for the women is that they are programmed to want to attach to the man they have sex with. No matter how comfortable their left-brain or logical mind is with their one-off sexual encounter, their right-brain or emotional side is prone to wake them up with a bad taste in their mouth the next morning.

How do they get the freedom to have a good one night stand without the bad taste?

Here are two options:

Mandy recommends kicking the guy out to go home before you go to sleep. That way you can wake up safely in your own bed next morning without the bad taste feeling.
You can pretend it was all a dream and you definitely don’t have to hear him splutter and break wind in your toilet when all you want to do is get more "shut eye" .

Trish recommends you only choose guys you never want to see again. That way you won’t spend all next day wishing he would call you and say how the earth moved for him too and how anxious he is to see you again.

So what does the expert say about one night stands?
As a sex-therapist, I would firstly urge you to be absolutely adamant that somebody you just met should use a condom if you have sex.

Next, have no expectations of a loving encounter during, or anything warm afterwards. Since you may not even share the same values or backgrounds you will probably be unsuited as long-term lovers.

If you are a women, go for the orgasm as soon as you can and certainly ask for what you want. It’s unlikely that he is going to care about your needs. All he wants is a quick fix.

If you are a man, don’t give her your phone number. You know you have no intention of contacting her again, so don¹t give her false hope!

For everybody, do practice safe sex and follow Mandy’s example  -make sure they go home straight after the deed is done. Some folks who intended a one-night stand were stuck with a "squatter" who refused to move out!

Having made all the precautions - play safe, be responsible and have fun.

After all - every one you miss out on, is one you’ll never have!

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