The Need For A New Sexual Revolution For The Golden Oldies


Let's have a sexual revolution for older folk and make it wonderful to be sexy at any age

Picture this -a beautifully made-up woman is on the golf course. She's fresh from the hairdresser, wearing full make-up with mascara and eyeliner, and she's fitted out in the latest trendy clothes. If she's under fourty, she's greatly admired, but if she's over sixty she's "mutton done up as lamb".Now along come two men who wolf whistle at the woman. One is aged twenty-five - he gets away with it because after all - "boys will be boys". His grandfather, who's seventy, whistles and people think he's either a silly old fool or a dirty old man.

What about the young couple who walk arm in arm and stop to kiss along the pier at the beach? If they stop for a passionate kiss in front of the crowd they're love­birds. But if they're over sixty, they're a public embarrassment!

Why does society relegate people much beyond fifty to second-class sexual citizenship? Let's have a sexual revolution for the older folk and make it not only OK, but actually wonderful to be sexy at any age and indeed ....until rigor mortis sets in!


Once you're retired and the kids are off your hands, you've got time without interruptions. You can relax because you don't have to have your "inbuilt antennae" waiting for that sudden interruption from a child who's having a nightmare or throws up in your bed.

You can truly relax and enjoy sex when you're retired because you don't have the stresses and worries about work and earning money.

With time on your hands and no stress, you can concentrate on expanding your sexual repertoire and making your technique excellent so that you become a better lover.

You can savour all the wonderful sexual techniques you've learned over time and even explore new ones that you never even heard about when you were younger.

Sex when you're older can be so much better than when you were young and nervous about doing or saying the right thing at the right time.You can ­really get to know your partner -whether you've been together a lifetime or whether you've only recently met. You have time to communicate and talk and share. These are qualities which women value in particular. In fact, a survey of older women who regularly spent time talking with their partner and had lots of cuddles and kisses showed that they were 300% more likely to want to have sex!

Of course, the absolutely best advantage of being older is that you can relax about contraception because you can't get pregnant!

I'm certainly looking forward to the time when I'm not working flat out and I can have unlimited time to explore the Eastern Tantric sexercises that I talk about on my audio in the Sensational Sex series called Ecstasy Sex.I encourage all my fellow baby-boomers to set that as a goal for their twilight years as well.

You can still learn something about sex, no matter how old you are. It's so true that “when you are green you grow and when you are ripe you rot”. If you don't use your sexuality there's a danger that it will shrivel up and atrophy or mummify - and this is not a good look or feel!

We'll probably lengthen our lifetimes too, because good sex releases the body's natural happy drugs - the endorphins - and these make us feel good. We may have wrinkles on our faces but we'll have jolly big smiles as well!

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This article was originally published at Starts At 60. Reprinted with permission from the author.