Don’t Let Sexcuses Flatten Your Sex Life

Don’t Let Sexcuses Flatten Your Sex Life

It's too easy to find excuses to avoid having sex. You must stop it.

If sex is so fantastic why don’t we have it more often?
Who’s ever been too busy for sex?
Who’s ever been too tired for sex?
Who can’t remember when they last had sex?
It’s time now, to look at the “sexcuses” which get in the way of us enjoying regular sex.
Let’s look at the top sexcuse.  The Sexual TABOO! When I ask people who come for sex therapy, “What did your parents teach you about sex?” can you guess what they say? They were taught nothing!  Sex was TABOO! Some fathers even turned off the TV if there were people kissing!
So let’s take away the taboo and have permission to have sex.
It’s so easy for some people to make sexcuses! For instance: One man complained that his partner was never ready for sex: If she hadn’t had a shower she was too dirty and if she had, she was too clean!
Here are more common sexcuses:
No time
Too tired
Too tense
Can’t switch on/off
Bad technique
Too old
Partner Problems
While it is true that children are not an aphrodisiac, it’s also true that you are never too old to think about or have sex. It’s sad that society thinks that old people should be finished with sex. I saw a lady who injured her back in a car accident and lost her ability to have an orgasm. When she complained about this to her lady doctor she was told “Oh well you are 50 now so you don’t need to enjoy sex”.    
It’s true that as you age your apparatus might slow down a bit but your attitude can still fire up. For instance - Mr Brown went to the doctor and said : “Doctor, I want my sex drive lowered. The doctor said “Mr Brown, at the age of 80, your sex drive is in your head”. “Yes’,said Mr Brown and he pointed down and said; “I want it lowered. I want it lowered”.
When I was a regular guest on a television show called “Sex-Life”, I was asked to talk about sex and the elderly. I couldn’t wait to ask my good friend, Florence Houghton, to be a guest on the show. At 83, Florence was the oldest person in the Southern Hemisphere to parachute from an aeroplane.
or the TV filming of Sex-Life, Florence was asked to visit a sex shop which specialises in women’s sexuality.  Florence was concerned about what they would ask her to do. “Dr Janet”, she asked me, “what if they ask me to hold up a vibrator?  At 93, I don’t want to lose my reputation.”
Another common sexcuse is caused by Partner Problems!
The truth is, women are happy to have sex if the timing is right. This point is especially crucial for guys to understand.
Women do love sex, but they need to share quality time first with their man, in order to want to have sex with him.
For women, sex starts in the kitchen. This means she wants you to come talk to her about her day and her feelings FIRST.
The solution for sexcuses is to communicate and negotiate agreements.
If the brain is the most important sexual organ, The tongue is the most important sexual tool!
You’ve got to talk about sex – OUTSIDE the bedroom.

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This article was originally published at ezinearticles.com. Reprinted with permission from the author.